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Should you hire a general contractor or a specialist? That is a great question to ask. Most of us like the idea of having one contractor that can do it all. We like to have one phone number for all our home needs. But is that always a great idea?

When it comes to a home, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. While a general contractor has his place in things, there is an advantage to having a specialist come in at times.

Plumbing is a good example of this. Whenever a plumber comes into a home, he has only one focus – your plumbing. So when he comes to fix your plumbing, you know that you are getting someone who has likely fixed that issue before, and you can be relatively confident that his repair will hold.

With a general contractor, on the other hand, he may not have even seen your particular plumbing issue before. Will his repair hold? Will you have an unpleasant surprise after he leaves?

Plumbing, electrical, roofing, and other trades have specialists for a reason. There are many jobs that a general contractor can handle, but sometimes it is better to hire a specialist.

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