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Playground Safety

Every year in the United States, hundreds of thousands of children are hurt in a playground. Even though you would like to think that your children are safe in their own backyard, the truth is that a poorly built and maintained playground contains numerous hazards....

A Look At Your Doors

Our homes are filled with doorways. They go in between rooms, into closets and to the outside world. You might not pay much attention to them as you step through, but there is a big difference between a door that is properly installed, and one that is not. Installing...

What Can You Do To Prevent Future Wildfires?

Even though the high risk time of wildfires has passed, it is always a good practice to be prepared. You should take time to check that the area around your home is set up in such a way that it minimizes the risk for your home to be damaged. The most important thing...

Is The Home Inspector Always At Fault?

A home inspection is performed to find out the condition of a property whether its good or bad. A home inspectors’ job, then, is to perform a thorough check of the property with the idea of pointing out any problem areas. So, what happens if, while performing this...

What is the Danger With Lightning?

There are many who are afraid of lightning, but in reality, the chance of getting hit by lightning in your lifetime is only one in about 13,000. Considering that there are about 25 million lightning strikes every year here in the U.S., that is pretty impressive....
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