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What is on Your Spring Maintenance List?

Now that Spring is here, it is time to “get doing” as they say. But what should be some of the things on your Spring maintenance list? Some of the primary things are the most simple painting, washing, and trimming. Doing those little things now saves you big problems...

Fire Hazards Associated With Dryers

For the majority of households today a clothes dryer is an essential appliance in the home. If a dryer is not taken care of or used in the way it is intended, however, it could become a dangerous fire hazard. Dryer fires have been the cause of many homes destroyed by...

Cleaning Up The Gutter

Out of all the everyday issues that you experience as a homeowner, water is one of the most damaging. This is why it is important that you make sure that water is funneled off your roof as efficiently as possible. Water that is backed up in the gutters can work its...

Neato Eco

More and more high-end homes are being constructed with alternative building methods. These homes are built in these ways with the intention of conserving earths resources. These unique homes have many benefits, but because they don’t use common methods, they can be...

Cold. Tight. Damp. Dark.

Sounds like danger’s playground! Crawlspaces are wonderlands for all the things we hate like mold and pests. Since most people like cold, time, damp, and dark spaces, these problems have time to get nice and comfortable. At best this environment is perfect for wood...
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