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Our Inspections

More and more high-end homes are being constructed with alternative building methods. These homes are built in these ways with the intention of conserving earths resources. These unique homes have many benefits, but because they don’t use common methods, they can be difficult to have inspected. However, these inspections are very valuable in that they can help buyers make a positive decision. Builders and manufacturers of kits for these types of homes are encouraged to work with inspectors. This allows them to better provide useable inspections for clients, which ultimately means building and selling more of these homes.

Photo documenting the build process isn’t just a cool idea to show of your custom, eco-friendly home. This documentation can actually help an inspector answer certain questions. Otherwise, it maybe necessary for the inspector to disclaim portions of the inspection.

Having these types of homes inspected does take more time. Often inspectors will need to do additional research in the building methods. The cost may increase, and certain things may not be able to be effectively evaluated. Still, these inspections provide peace of mind to potential buyers and can hep make a sale.

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