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Our Inspections

A home inspection is performed to find out the condition of a property whether its good or bad. A home inspectors’ job, then, is to perform a thorough check of the property with the idea of pointing out any problem areas. So, what happens if, while performing this inspection, something on the property gets damaged? Is it the responsibility of the home inspector to fix that damage? No, not necessarily, but let’s see why?

A thorough home inspection requires the inspector to check areas of a home that are hardly ever accessed. These areas, such as the attic space for example, are also areas most likely prone to damage and decay. A home inspector is the most likely person to find these areas during the inspection. So, let’s say an inspector steps on some rotten flooring in the attic and damages it, is it their fault? No, they were just the first ones to find the problem. It is not the result of someone simply being clumsy but the result of the home inspector doing their job.

We can clearly see, then, that during a thorough home inspection, there are occasions when some damage may result from the inspection itself and that the home inspector is doing their job. We must mention though, that we are not talking about accidentally causing damage to a household item such as a mirror or vase etc. but we are talking about damage that occurs as a result of the inspection. So, while damage to a property is never something a home inspector wants to see, they are not always the ones responsible for that damage.

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