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For the majority of households today a clothes dryer is an essential appliance in the home. If a dryer is not taken care of or used in the way it is intended, however, it could become a dangerous fire hazard. Dryer fires have been the cause of many homes destroyed by fire, so dryer safety is something we should all take into consideration. Let’s look at an essential part of the dryer when it comes to safety, the vent

Dryers are designed to blow hot air into a drum of wet clothing while it is gently spinning. While the clothes are tossed about in the dryer, water starts evaporating from them, forming water vapor. This water vapor must then leave the drum and does so using the attached vent. Lint is another byproduct formed from clothing as it dries, and this also needs to escape through the vent.

What can happen if there is no vent connected to the dryer? Then the dryer could start to overheat. The water vapor will not be able to leave the dryer. Lint which is extremely flammable will also have nowhere to go and begin to accumulate in the dryer. If this happens, the dryer runs the risk of bursting into flames.

As we can see, a vent plays an essential role when it comes to dryer safety. Because washers and dryers are often fitted into tight spaces, it can be difficult to notice if the vent, which is usually attached to the back of the dryer, has disconnected or become damaged in some way. Take some time regularly to inspect the back of the dryer and check to see if the vent is working correctly.

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