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BzzZZZzzzT… Don’t you hate those little buggers. You’re outside grilling with your friends and thousands of these little nasty little insects ruin the night. What to do? You’ve probably seen the xenon like glow of porches across America lit with bug zappers. These devices serve a purpose. They can destroy thousands of insects a night.

Typically safe, they are not any more hazardous than other outdoor electrical appliances or devices.  It is good to ensure the basic maintenance of these devices. Ensure the cords are not wet, damaged, or frayed. It is best to operate these devices on a GFCI electrical receptacle. These devices should be cleaned out every year to maintain their effectiveness.

Although moderately effective, it’s possible these devices have certain limitations and could introduce risks. Due to the way they attract insects, it’s possible they kill more beneficial insects than harmful ones. It has also been observed that as insects are killed, living bacteria can be dispersed up to seven feet away from the zapper in a fine mist of bug guts and mush. This has the possibly of spreading disease.

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