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Our Inspections

Even though the high risk time of wildfires has passed, it is always a good practice to be prepared. You should take time to check that the area around your home is set up in such a way that it minimizes the risk for your home to be damaged.

The most important thing is to make sure that there is nothing near your home that could be easy fuel for a wildfire that would let it spread quickly. All old, dried up trees should be removed. If you have fencing around your home, it should not be made from wood. It is better if it is made from metal, and even then, it is important to watch out so that leaves and debris don’t pile up next to the fence.

Ember from a wildfire will travel far, and they could land on your roof. You should make sure that your roof and gutters are clean, so that there is nothing that could catch fire there.

Vegetation that grows close to your home should be cut back to prevent fire from spreading through it.

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